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What to Bring Paddleboarding

Thinking about what to bring with you on your paddle board adventure?  We have all been there, whether you are just starting up or about to try a different sort of trip on your paddle board. Trying to make sure you have the right kit with you is very important because the last thing youContinue reading “What to Bring Paddleboarding”

How To Store Your Paddle Board In Winter

Here’s a few tips I found useful while storing my paddle board during winter. Whether you have a garage or shed or even a room you can keep the board safe, it’s always good to ensure the board is kept stored correctly, ready for the warmer months for your next adventures. If like me youContinue reading “How To Store Your Paddle Board In Winter”

Paddleboard Lady Bird Lake (The Ultimate Guide)

The majority of the time, Lady Bird Lake’s skyline is visible, making paddling there enjoyable with a view. Lake pathways that are intended for paddling may be explored, or you can choose your own path. Additionally, you have access to the year-round spring-fed Austin pools Barton Springs Pool and Deep Eddy Pool. If you areContinue reading “Paddleboard Lady Bird Lake (The Ultimate Guide)”

How Do You Get Back on Your Paddle Board If You Fall Off?

Falling off your paddle board is inevitable while paddle boarding. But that’s not a bad thing and, if you’re a beginner, it’s nothing to be afraid of. The thought of falling off a SUP can deter some people from ever wanting to get on a board. You might be one of those people. Maybe youContinue reading “How Do You Get Back on Your Paddle Board If You Fall Off?”

10 Best Dry Bags for Paddle Boarding in 2022

When you’re paddle boarding, there’s always the risk of your stuff taking a swim. This means that your change of clothes could get drenched and your valuables ruined! Worse still, important items could get lost at the bottom of the lake. One of the most important pieces of advice any expert paddler will give youContinue reading “10 Best Dry Bags for Paddle Boarding in 2022”

Best Inflatable Docks for Summer Fun (2022)

Ever dreamed of having a floating island that you could pack up into your backpack? Get an inflatable dock and your dream will become a reality. Swim platform, extra play space, floating lounge, fishing platform—an inflatable floating dock fulfills all these functions and more. But which one is right for you? I’ve assessed the bestContinue reading “Best Inflatable Docks for Summer Fun (2022)”

Paddle Boarding with Alligators: Is It Safe?

Stand up paddle boarding is a relaxing and generally safe activity. Of course, there are a few risks involved, since it’s a water activity, and those are easy to avoid with the necessary precautions. But when it comes to wildlife, things can get a little tricky, especially with scary animals like alligators. Can you imagineContinue reading “Paddle Boarding with Alligators: Is It Safe?”

Can You Paddle Board While Pregnant?

Pregnancy can be such a wonderful experience, but it can also be a vulnerable time for women. There’s nothing more important than taking extra care of yourself so that your baby has a safe place to grow and develop before making its big debut. But just because your body is literally creating new life doesn’tContinue reading “Can You Paddle Board While Pregnant?”

Delaware Water Gap Kayaking Guide (What To Expect)

The Delaware River runs 331 miles from Hancock, New York, to Cape May Point, New Jersey, and is the longest free-flowing river in the Eastern United States. The river delivers water to 10% of the American population, although draining just 1% of the country’s land mass (13,000 square miles): 700 million gallons of water everyContinue reading “Delaware Water Gap Kayaking Guide (What To Expect)”

The Best Floating Sunglasses of 2022

Sunglasses are a must-have for paddle boarding and other water activities. They protect your eyes from UV rays and glare in addition to improving visibility. The problem is – a good pair of sunglasses isn’t cheap. And few things are more painful than going back home knowing you’ve left your favorite accessory resting somewhere atContinue reading “The Best Floating Sunglasses of 2022”

7 Best SUP Electric Pumps of 2022

Want to inflate your paddle board without lifting a finger? Let a SUP electric pump do the hard work for you. Most paddle boards come with a manual pump. Manual pumps are fine for occasional use, but if you paddle board regularly or you have a family of boards to inflate, you’ll want to investContinue reading “7 Best SUP Electric Pumps of 2022”

iRocker Nautical Vs Gili Air (2022 model): Which One Should You Buy? 

The iRocker Nautical and the Gili Air are among the most popular entry-level inflatable SUPs. They are both budget boards from two reputable iSUP companies. These paddle boards are similar in so many ways, with few differences. If you’re looking for a good cheap stand up paddle board, the chances are that you’ve found yourselfContinue reading “iRocker Nautical Vs Gili Air (2022 model): Which One Should You Buy? “

Can an Overweight Person Paddle Board?

Enough of the false advertising! All too often, glossy magazines tend to show petite, fit, and often skinny individuals paddle boarding over picture perfect waters. Well, it’s about time we change that image. Heavy, bulky, and yes, overweight individuals can absolutely get on a SUP. In fact, if you’re a heavier person looking to burnContinue reading “Can an Overweight Person Paddle Board?”

What Happens if you’re Too Heavy for a Paddle Board?

Stand up paddle boards of all varieties come with a designated weight limit.This limit dictates the total amount of weight that can be put on board before the board’s performance is impacted. However, the weight limit is unlikely to be exceeded by any human alone. But your weight might negatively affect the performance of theContinue reading “What Happens if you’re Too Heavy for a Paddle Board?”

What PSI Should a Paddle Board Be?

Understanding your inflatable paddle board’s PSI is key to understanding your board’s performance. Most paddle boards will range anywhere from 10 to 15 PSI. However, specialized boards designed for specific-use activities can go up to 20 PSI. Understanding the PSI range is important for two main reasons; knowing how much air to put into yourContinue reading “What PSI Should a Paddle Board Be?”

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