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Lower Back Pain? 6 Easy Exercises To Try At Home

Introduction to exercises at home to relieve back ache Back pain and back ache are common ailments that affects millions of people every year. It can be caused by various factors, including poor posture, stress and muscle tension. However, there are ways to prevent back pain and reduce the risk of injury. In this exerciseContinue reading “Lower Back Pain? 6 Easy Exercises To Try At Home”

Vitamin D – What is it and Do I Need It?

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that we (mostly) get from the sun, but also from certain foods contain vitamin D, and of course from healthy food supplements. How do I know if this supplement is important to me? Everywhere you look, there are suggestions that you need Vitamin D. Not only are Doctors recommendingContinue reading “Vitamin D – What is it and Do I Need It?”

My Life Without Meditation

The following is written by Karlie Everhart and originally published on her blog.   I started meditating ten years ago. At the time, I had suffered from intermittent bouts of anxiety and was looking for a way to calm the surmounting pressure I constantly applied to myself. The only new-agey person I was familiar withContinue reading “My Life Without Meditation”

10 MIN LEG/BOOTY/THIGH WORKOUT (No Equipment Killer Legs)

How To Gain Muscle And Lose Fat Employing This One Strategy How to gain muscle and lose fat using the strategy described in this article. There is … 10 MIN LEG/BOOTY/THIGH WORKOUT (No Equipment Killer Legs)

What To Wear Hiking In Spring

If you live in the United Kingdom, you will know that spring is one of the most volatile seasons of the year. One moment it can be warm enough to break out the garden pool and fire up the BBQ while the next, it looks more like it might snow!This unpredictability can put a lotContinue reading “What To Wear Hiking In Spring”