New Pike Lure Available

To any of our readers an followers who enjoy a spot of pike fishing. Who maybe looking to buy additional fishing Pike tackle.

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve just added a new pike lure into our fishing recomended products page.

Savage Gear 4D Line Thru Pike

Striped Pike lure

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Pike lures and spinners by Savage gear

Bought new pike lures and spinning baits.

From what ever side of the pond you fish from, whether you call them Pike or Muskies. Here in the UK the temperatures are dropping and those big lumps are now hopefully on the feed.

New Pike Spinners and Lures

Now that winter is only around the corner and the temperatures are dropping fast.

The thought of relaxing next to a lake and trying to catch carp from the surface. It couldn’t be any further from my mind.

Its now the time to start walking along the banks of the River Ouse or my local canal.

Pike lures for fishing

I can’t think of anything better than just walking for miles in the cold fresh air just after the winter sun has come up.

Constantly casting across to the waters edge. Just to get a decent take from a large pike or even a hefty perch.Its my kind of heaven!

Time for some new Lures

New pike season always means buying some new lures and shads for tackle box.

Pike lures

Savage Gear Pike 4D Line Thru Lure

Catch a pike with a pike. I was drawn to this purely as a Pike is very territorial. With its aggressive nature they will attack there own kind.

Savage gear Pearce lure

Savage Gear 4D Line Thru Perch Lure

The details on this lure are incredible. So lifelike it will be even harder for the predator fish to resist a full committed attack! 

Savage Gear 4D Rattle Trout Shad Lure

Savage Gear 4D Rattle Trout Shad

In dull light and merky water this shad lure will certainly stand out. Increasing the chances of being followed.

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