Seagate DJI Fly Drive external hard drive 2000 GB Grey


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Once in a Lifetime. Some opportunities – usually the best ones – will never come around again. You get one shot at capturing it. For this reason, experienced photographers know that immediate, in-field backup is crucial. That’s why Seagate has partnered with DJI, the leader in drone technology, to bring you the Seagate® DJI Fly Drive. Back Up 60+ Hours of Flights. With 2 TB of capacity, Fly Drive streamlines the editing process by letting you store, consolidate, and organise over 250 flights worth of content into one portable external hard drive. Transfer Files Fast on Location. An HDD that’s equipped with an integrated microSD card slot and a reversible USB-C cable that tucks securely beneath the bumper, Fly Drive enables you to make quick file transfers on the spot – without multiple memory cards and card readers. Less to pack, less to lose. Travel…

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