Dji action cameras

A new DJI Osmo action Camera

Did I need another camera? absolutely not. So why did I chose to buy the new DJI osmo action camera because its Awesome! The new action camera by DJI I was undecided wether to purchase the GO-PRO or the DJI Osmo Action camera. As I already trust the DJI product range I decided on the … Continue reading A new DJI Osmo action Camera

My Camera and Photography Gear

An obsession with DJI camera equipment I’ve had a couple of followers recently ask what camera equipment I use. So I thought I would share with you what I’m currently keeping in my camera bag. Also what will be my next purchase. (If my bank manager will let me). If you are interested in purchasing … Continue reading My Camera and Photography Gear

Short kayaking trip

The last couple of weeks I’ve been so busy with work and my family life. So a bit of me time is deserved. I’m long over due for getting back out on the itiwit kayak for a paddle along my favourite stretch of water. Also Its been weeks since I did a spot of fishing. … Continue reading Short kayaking trip

decathlon inflatable kayak

Itiwit kayak Paddling the Grand Union canal

A short video of the fun I got upto testing my new Itiwit kayak from decathlon. Join me Paddling up the Grand Union canal, UK. It would be great if you could subscribe and like and leave me a comment.

Bike gear

Heres a full list of all the gear that is carried within the bike bags. Which are used for either day trips or overnight camping trips. Tent Vango Helvellyn 200 two man tent Sleeping kit Waterproof aluminum foil pad mat. Ultra light Sleeping mat. Agemore ultra light warm weather sleeping bag. Trespass sleeping bag liner. … Continue reading Bike gear

21 mile cycling round trip

The First cycling trip of 2019. Just a one day cycling trip to test out my new Ammaco HTF hybrid bike, to see how it handles. So where to ?? Starting from home and hopefully arriving at the woods just below Ivinghoe Beacon. Then to have a little look around and take in some of … Continue reading 21 mile cycling round trip

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