My Camera and Photography Gear

An obsession with DJI camera equipment

My camera and photography gear – I’ve had a couple of followers recently ask what camera equipment I use. So I thought I would share with you what I’m currently keeping in my camera bag. Also what will be my next purchase. (If my bank manager will let me). If you are interested in purchasing any of the camera equipment, just click on the images or buttons below.

camera and photography gear

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DJI Mavic Mini

This must be my most favourite item that I take in my camera bag. I had been after a drone for a couple of years, God know’s how many hours I had spent watching drone videos and reading reviews. The cost and also never flown a drone before kept holding me back from buying one. Then DJI released the Mavic Mini. A low cost drone beginners. Its so easy to use and fly and the 4K video and pictures are brilliant.

I strongly recommend

If your thinking about buying a Mavic Mini or any other drone. I suggest you buy a combo pack.The DJI combo kit comes with extra batteries and charger, so you can fly longer. Also a rigid case and very importantly propeller guards for when you hit a tree!


Mavic Mini Accessories

Ulanzi Drone landing pad

I never thought i would need a drone landing pad for the Mavic Mini. I soon learnt its a ‘must have’ . As it helped with landing and stopped the dust from getting into the drone.

Drone ND filters by Freewell

For improving shots in bright conditions and removing glare these filters from Freewell are excellent.

Portable Camera Tripod

I use the portable travel camera tripod from K & F Concept. A decent light weight tripod which doesn’t break the bank.

DJI Osmo Pocket

The Osmo pocket camera comes with me everywhere and is a great addition to my camera and photography gear as its small, light weight and ‘Yes’ it does fit in your pocket like the name suggests. Has a three axis gimble, object tracking and shoots video upto 4k and so much more.The Osmo pocket camera comes with me everywhere as its small, light weight and ‘Yes’ it does fit in your pocket like the name suggests. Has a three axis gimble, object tracking and shoots video upto 4k and so much more.

So easy to use as a point and shoot camera, action camera or just mounted on the tripod.

It can also be attached to a mobile phone. Giving you a larger screen and even more options.

To get the full benefits of this camera and unlock its potential, I purchased the DJI Osmo expansion kit. I recommend you buy this kit if you either have or you’re thinking about buying one.

Extra Accessories For the Osmo Pocket

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Carp fishing on Manor lake Tingrith

carp fishing reel

A slow afternoons Carp fishing

Having some spare time last Saturday afternoon I thought I would throw my travel fishing gear into the back of the old car and spend a few hours Carp fishing.

So I decided to drive out to one of the Vauxhall club fishing lakes, located near the village of Tingrith.

Which I had fished many times over the years and caught some lovely common and mirror carp.

Having kept away from fishing at the Manor lake for a couple of weeks as I heard a lot of fish (silvers and carp) had died due to the recent weather. Due to a bad thunder storm then a week of high temperatures. Which had caused the oxygen levels to drop in the water and caused an increased Algae growth.

Also going fishing in the hot afternoon sun and between when fish normally feed. I wasn’t expecting too much.

Though if you caught fish all the time it would be called ‘Catching’ and not ‘Fishing’.

As usual the lake did not disappoint as a few lovely carp and even a couple of bream were netted in about four hours.

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Short kayaking trip

Time for a short Kayaking trip as over the last couple of weeks I’ve been so busy with work and my family life. So a bit of me time is deserved.

I’m long over due for getting back out on the itiwit kayak for a paddle along my favourite stretch of water. Also Its been weeks since I did a spot of fishing.

So as the weather it’s meant to be a warm and sunny this weekend here in UK, I’m off for a paddle. Who knows I may even catch a monster fish (crossed fingers).

Obviously I will take the camera to record some of the footage. So I can share with you, my much appreciated follower.

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Cycling to Upper Sundon lakes

A short video of Cycling to Upper Sundon Lakes. A easy bike trip to look around the Upper Sundon lake. A stop off to make a brew using the train Trangia alcohol stove.

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Itiwit kayak by Decathalon

decathlon inflatable kayak

Using the Itiwit kayak from Decathalon. I spent my weekend paddling along the Grand Union Canal. Taking in the glorious views and watching the birds fly and the fish swim by. Then mooring up the ITIWIT inflatable kayak. To pitch the tent and Stop off for a wild camp along the waters edge.

The most relaxing, fun and stress free way to spend a weekend.

Paddling the Grand Union Video

Please watch my short YouTube video below. You will see the fun I got upto testing my new Decathalon inflatable canoe by Itiwit. Join me Paddling up the Grand Union canal, UK.

My Itiwit inflatable Canoe review

This was my first attempt kayaking, definately will not be my last. I found the Itiwit inflatable kayak extremely easy to inflate. Not to mention how light, robust and easy to navigate. Definitely worth the money compared to other inflatable kayaks on the market.

NOTE: I am not sponsored or affiliated with Decathalon

Itiwit inflatable kayak Dimensions

Length: 340 cm
Width: 103 cm
Height: 67 cm
Width: 44 cm
Thickness: 30 cm
Weight: 14 kg
Maximum pressure: 0.1 bar (1.5 PSI)
Number of seats: 1 or 2 seats
Content: kayak, bag, repair kit, keel

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Bike gear

Heres a full list of all the bike gear that I cary within the bike bags. Which are used for either day trips or overnight camping trips.


  • Vango Helvellyn 200 two man tent

Sleeping kit

  • Waterproof aluminum foil pad mat.
  • Ultra light Sleeping mat.
  • Agemore ultra light warm weather sleeping bag.
  • Trespass sleeping bag liner.


  • Overmont Camping Cookware Set
  • Optimus Clip-On Windshield
  • Lightweight Mini Pocket rocket
  • Gas canister
  • Folding gas canister stand
  • Sea to Summit X Collapsible mug
  • Spork (for eating and stiring food)


21 mile cycling round trip

The First cycling trip of 2019. Just a one day cycling trip to test out my new Ammaco HTF hybrid bike, to see how it handles.

So where to ??

Starting from home and hopefully arriving at the woods just below Ivinghoe Beacon. Then to have a little look around and take in some of the views of the woods and countryside.

short video clip from the bike

Let the journey begin
Starting from the Sundon Park area in Luton, Bedfordshire. About fours miles of cycling through the busy village of Houton Regis then to the outskirts of Dunstable. This was to be the first resting place at the base of the Dunstable downs.

After a quick cold drink and a few Haribo sweats it was time to press onto the final destination of visiting the woods below ivinghoe beacon.

While cycling along some lovely roads it was a bit too traffic heavy for my liking. So a plan was needed too take a different route back.

So I finally arrived at the woods, soaking in sweat and needing caffeine.Planning Error

After arriving i quickly realised that no bikes were allowed to cycle in the woods.

So plan B was needed to rest. I found a nice spot at the base of the woods entrance to be able to put the water on to boil for a well earned coffee.

Now to plan for a more safer cycling route back to home.