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Wolf’em Stick Overview

The invention of the Wolf’em Stick comes from two young brothers living in Utah, named Tanner and Spencer Harrison. They combined their knowledge of fire from boy scouts and love of food to bring you a biscuit roasting stick that is very easy to use. They build and manufacture the sticks themselves and say these handy roasting sticks will make you a treat so tasty you’ll wolf it down! Hence the name, “Wolf’em Stick.”

Make a tasty biscuit with the Wolf’em Stick!

To use the Wolf’em Stick all you have to do is coat the roasting block on the end with non-stick spray or oil, and place your biscuit dough over the top. Then, you bake it over the fire until golden brown using the wooden turn handles. If you’re one of those people who likes the flavor of a burnt biscuit, then just keep on roasting!

Once the biscuit reaches your desired product, you’ll have a perfectly fillable biscuit to pile any of your favorite ingredients inside. Whether you’re feeling like dessert with some pudding, raspberries and whip cream, or a bacon and egg breakfast, the Wolf’em Stick won’t disappoint!

The Wolf’em Stick is meant to bring fun and flavor to you and all your family members at the campfire.




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