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Smart Start to Affiliate Marketing

Deciding what businesses to partner with, in your affiliate marketing business can be confusing. When I first started, I had no idea where to look. I was concerned about whether affiliate marketing was overrun with affiliates or perhaps affiliate marketing was on its way out.

History of Affiliate Marketing

In the early days, affiliate marketing was easy to get into, find products and make money. Most didn’t know much about the products they were promoting and had no idea of how to drive traffic to the products and services via their ads. Quick rich schemes then entailed diet plans, supplements, coaching, and investments. However, legitimate products and services still allow affiliates to make money.

As affiliates become more experienced, many are indiscriminate in what they choose to promote and whoever pays the most. People made a good deal of money using this method.

People still make money with this strategy; however, it is not sustainable. Many affiliates create sites and try to sell high-dollar products, and when the well dries up, they close down their site and start over.

Affiliate Marketing Niche Sites

The most powerful method of approaching affiliate marketing is to build a site that offers credible value in entertainment, insight, and information. Consider, there are millions of websites; why would someone choose yours? You probably have read over and over to be successful as an affiliate, create a site with thoughtful, helpful content way before you consider putting affiliate links on it.

Yes, this method takes longer to turn a profit; however, it is much more sustainable. Creating a Niche site offers many ways to make money.
In fact, you can even offer your own products and leverage other affiliates to market them. Therefore it is suggested you’ll make money with this approach, and it is much more fun creating your own content. However, it might take longer to make a lot of money. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring in a good income.

Product Ideas

Start with creating content that helps people.  While you create you content think about products and services that would be useful to your target audience. 

Your main goal is not to fill your posts with affiliate links; instead, concentrate on providing the best information possible. By following this recommendation, you can avoid having a website where nobody likes your content and thus doesn’t follow or read your posts. When deciding on product suggestions, imagine chatting with a friend about the topic – would you recommend it to a friend? Don’t add the link to your site if the answer is no.

When you first start, brainstorm on Google Doc and examine what products, books, services, and courses would interest your target audience. For example, on my website, I choose a lifestyle type website that offers various topics like recipes, nutrition, fitness, career, and a lifestyle category that includes topics such as travel and hobbies.

What is an Affiliate Link?

An affiliate link is a unique link specific to you to get a click or purchase credit. Here a few example affiliate marketing partners you can try:

Amazon’s affiliate marketing program offers millions of products and shares customized linking tools. You can earn up to 10% in associate commissions from qualifying purchases. For example, I created a link on my Amazon affiliate, and they gave me an html link.

CJ Affiliate offers affiliates the opportunity to link with brands like eHarmony, Dell, J.Crew, etc. Most brands require you to apply to their affiliate program and have criteria to meet for acceptance. In order to display ads from CJ’s, you go to your widgets and place them there. However, in order to post them, I had to go to my website dashboard/scroll over widgets/click on widgets/click on a + sign where I wanted to place the ad. For example, I placed ads on the right side of my website.

Adsense is one of my favorite affiliate programs. To participate in the AdSense program, you must meet their eligibility requirements. They require unique and interesting content, follow their program policies and be over 18 years old. It might take a while to get approved, but once you place their link on your site, they put ads and popups on your website for you. I have an AdSense pop-up as well as a few links that show up in my articles.


There are plenty of affiliate programs to join; just do a little research to find ones that fit your niche.

Remember that the best affiliate networks do not require you to pay to join, have products in your niche, have good customer support, and offer high-paying merchants who offer high commissions.

You may have to earn your way to higher commissions, so be patient.

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