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Time for meditation music

meditation music youtube videos

We have just released our first two meditation music Youtube videos. Watch our Soothing meditating Music video for meditating to Calm and help Anxiety.

This is totally different new venture for the ‘Ian’s Gone Outdoors’ but many of our valued readers have mentioned the benefits of releasing stress with the aid of calming music.

Music for Meditation

A total of 10 relaxing meditation music videos will be released this week with more coming over the next few weeks.

Meditation music and Mental Awareness

Though not personally affected, I have some dear friends and some close members of family who suffer with stress and anxiety. In these current times where mental illness is now even more common and discussed daily in the main stream tabloids and on tv channels.

We thought it would benefit, if we now also included posts/help videos for stress and mental health subjects into our ‘Health and Fitness’ Post section .

Calling all Bloggers – If you have a blogsite or post covering this important subject. We would appreciate your help by also sharing your posts here on ‘Ian’s Gone Outdoors’ (Please contact us for posting information)

I hope you and our readers find value in these, God Bless!

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