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My Bike Overnight to Michigan’s Hoffmaster State Park

This trip makes excellent use of the beautiful trails along Lake Michigan with an overnight stay at Hoffmaster State Park.

Bicycle Adventurers: Sarah Hubbard

When: Summer

Accommodations: Hoffmaster State Park

Distance: I rode 52 miles on the first day and 35 miles on day two.

Bonus tip for this adventure: The scenery is spectacular, so stop often and take plenty of pictures. You’ll pass by Michigan Adventure, getting a nice glimpse of the wooden roller coaster, and also the USS LST 393 a tank landing ship built for the U.S. Navy during World War ll.

Day One

I’ve been wanting to do a bike trip for a while now and finally decided to stop waiting for the perfect time to go and just hit the trails. Tuesday morning I packed up my bike and had my husband drop me off at Hart, Michigan’s trailhead on the Hart-Montague Bicycle Trail State Park. I rode from Hart to New Era, Michigan where I stopped for Ice cream at the Country Dairy, then back on the trail to the White Lake Pathway that connects the Hart-Montague Trail to the scenic Fred Meijer Berry Junction Trail. From there I took the Lakeshore Trail to McCracken and finally Lake Harbor Road to Hoffmaster State Park where I set up camp for the night. After a quick dinner I walked to the beach to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Day Two

The next day I packed up early and rode to the beach for a breakfast of poptarts and to soak up the sun and sand a little longer before leaving for home. I rode back the way I had come to the Lakeshore Trail, took that over to the Laketon, and after a short connector route, I was finally on the beautiful Muskatawa headed back home. I will definitely be taking this trip again, but next time I’ll be sure to add another day for enjoying all that Hoffmaster has to offer. More beach time is always a good thing!

Your favorite local bike shop? 

Village Bike & Fitness, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Grand Rapids Bicycle Co., Ada, Michigan

Bike overnight tips and tricks?

Before I left for my ride, I read somewhere that you should take something silly, a stuffed animal, plastic dinosaur, or something, so I grabbed a stuffed animal from my kids room to bring along. I took pictures of it with the scenery in the background and sent them to my husband and girls. They thought it was hilarious and it let them know where I was along the way. 
One more tip, If you have a sewing machine, you can very easily make your own bike bags for a fraction of cost. There are free instructions all over the Internet that are very simple and easy to understand.


HOW ABOUT YOU? Inspire others by submitting your own bike overnight adventure!

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